Digital expertise that fits your needs


Better understand your digital challenges

I support you in the assessment of your current online challenges (web, app, voice...) and guide you during your choices of products, platforms or technologies.


Optimize the performance of your digital channels

I help you better understand and optimize your opportunites of digital, thanks to a deep analysis of your performance data.


Built cutting edge products

Leverage my expertise of digital technologies, especially in the mobile world, to plan and build quality digital products, aligned with your customers' expectations.



Take full advanbtage of my 5-year experience in the mobile world at Google

This way I can guide you during key events like technology choices but also help you optimize your existing solutions.

Je suis force de recommandation et peux également vous aider à la mise en ligne via la livraison de “Proof of Concept”.

Vous pouvez de cette manière coller au mieux aux différentes attentes de vos clients, tout au long de leur parcours sur votre plateforme mobile:

 Fast page, isn't it?

It's WAI! This page has been built using the open source framework initiated by Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages, that helps you build fast and reliable web pages.

  • 1


     Optimize web performance

     Rationnalize UX

  • 2


     Deliver fast content on Google Search via Accelerated Mobile Pages

     Send Push Notifications via Progressive Web Apps

  • 3


     Offer a fast and reliable experience using PWA

     Accelerate login and payment using the dedicated APIs

  • 4


     Get your own space on your clients' homescreens thanks to PWA

     Leverage voice technologies


The offer dedicated to start-ups
Length: Limited (1 to 2 days) to better fit within tight budgets
Goal: Find a solution to a matter that's strategic for the digital development of your company
Examples: Analysis of the web performance of a landing page,
Review of a Google Analytics implementation,
Support in setting up dashboards to help you analyze the performance of your digital business,
Test of an AMP landing page,...
“A la carte” consulting
Length: From 3 days
Goal: Support you in medium to long term projects that are vital to your digital business' expansionV
Examples: Planning a reshape of your front end architecture that focuses on web performance and UX,
End to end delivery of a PWA,
Deep dive into the performance of you digital marketing channels and optimisation opportunities,
Coding a “Proof of Concept” in the AMP tech,...



More than 10 years immersed in the digital world

Graduated in 2008 from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées together with a MS in Quantitative Finances, I start my career in London at Deutsche Bank. My very first digital experiences come fast when I join in 2008 the team that was developing a digital trading platform for online B2B transactions. I perfect my knowledge of algorithms and discover the world of digital products. A hobby is born!

In 2012, I join Rocket Internet in Paris, in order to help them kick off their new project in Africa called Jumia, as their first CTO, then focusing more on product matters to become head of Product for the Marketplace project. The topics are complex and the variety of projects helps me acquire a deep knowledge of e-commerce models. In less than 2 years, I launch more than 35 projects (web et app) in 6 different business models.

Back in 2014, I join Google Paris where I have the chance to explore at 360° the digital marketing ecosystem: first as a consultant focusing on advertisers products within the DoubleClick suite where I get exposed to ad-serving and programmatic trading, then as a mobile specialist as part of the monetization sales team.

End of 2017, my role becomes much more technical when I become a mobile solutions consultant: my goal is to help Google's top partners build fast and immersive mobile web pages. In this position, I learn how to master web technologies and development frameworks.

Live projects

Le Sommelier Masqué - See the site

Le Sommelier Masqué provides online video tutorials for Wine tastings

 100% based on Gastby framework, a ReactJS wrapper

 Optimized pages (85/100 Google Lighthouse)

 SEO is optimized via GatsbyJS to deliver server side pages

Vinivox - See the site is a web app built to write wine tasting notes under a digital format

 Built with React framework

 Optmized Web Performance (100/100 Google Lighthouse)

 Progressive Web App

 Tests of AMP Stories format

 Google Assistant

Vertigo Films - See the site

Vertigo Films website

 100% made with AMP framework

 Optimized pages (98/100 Google Lighthouse)

 Express.js server run with Google Firebase and Cloud functions

Restaurant du Soleil - See the site

Website of my parents' restaurant

 Built with Angular framework

 Optmized Web Performance (100/100 Google Lighthouse)

 Progressive Web App



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